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     a certified experienced teacher and practitioner of various healing methodologies. I work with women who want to be distinguished in their field but struggle with subconscious feeling patterns, creating defeating mindsets that lead to feelings of stuckness, lack of satisfaction or even developing chronic illnesses. so they can breakthrough and work with their inner compass to build new habits of success, become healthier, and create their own map coming from the depth of her heart desires.

here is a little bit ABOUT ME 



Meditation, Contemplation, & Mindfulness  




Martial art

"Who looks outside dreams who looks inside awakens"
Carl Jung

Enlightenment is only the 1st step of the journey 

A seeker of truth, a Muslim, student, teacher, woman, daughter, sister & most importantly just another human being.

Sometime in 2015 I joined a 3-day webinar type workshop for Qigong. I just graduated college and had no idea what that is it sounds cool because of the word Qi, it sounded mystical & cool and totally triggered my curiosity. I closed my eyes I moved my arms and took deep long breaths. I was insistently transformed into a whole different dimension. All the sudden I found myself singing and dancing in bless.

I really enjoyed that experience, it was mind blowing. I wanted more. I wanted to understand what this is. What is going on? There was an acupuncturist as part of the team, and I thought to ask him a question about tightness in my breath. He put his hand on a spot on my back, which later I discovered is called a meridian point, he applied pressure. Just like that I was able to breathe better. I have never experienced anything like this before. How is possible that just by breathing and applying pressure into specific points in the body can have such a profound effect.

I started to look for local teachers and my search led me to join a Tai Qi and Marital arts school. In Tai Qi I learnt to meditate and move energy withing my body meridians and be in that stillness. Soon enough I realized my body wasn’t trained. My physical body wasn’t strong enough to do these moves for long periods of time. I decided to start participating in the martial arts classes. Martial arts were so hard for me. It was so hard to do the kicks, lunges, low stances. I looked at the kids who started from childhood and I wished I did that too. I wished I had enough flexibility and strength in my physical body to be able to do more of these practices that brought into my life a world of joy and a sense of wonder.

The decision was made to go to the gym and there I ran into my 1st yoga teacher. This was the 2nd time I ever tried yoga. The 1st time was horrible! Downward facing dog was a nightmare, all that blood rushing into my head. What is this! I didn’t know what it was. What it meant. The 2nd time after I was introduced to meditation, Yoga was made easy for me. I was surprised I could do moves I never thought I was able to before! Amazing!

My life had transformed once I realized the power and potential of taking a single breath. Meditation has given my life a pause that enabled me to make conscious choices for my life in the direction I please. It is a strength we're all born with and should be utilized to guide us through our journey. The journey to aliveness is taking full responsibility for our actions to fulfill our soul’s desire.


1st Yoga teacher training took place at Zen Den Yoga School, located in Boca Raton F.L. In that course we started each day we delved deeper into the world of meditation. The school’s unique approach to Yoga and Spiritual Shamanism was the main attract-er. During the previous years I have undertaken an interest in Shamanic practices such as journeying, Akashic records, and tribal circles. The program included Sadhana Hatha Yoga, Sadhana Vinyasa Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. We spent time learning Yoga anatomy, Yoga sutras, and nutritional basics.

Coming to realize the importance of this transition in terms of the healing effects. Yoga is a tool for personal growth and transformation. I took the leap of faith and decided to enroll in another training program.

2nd Yoga teacher training took place at Mysore Ashtanga Yoga Shala, located in Mysore, India. Discovering the source and origin of Yoga from the place of its birth was a very enlightening experience I looked forward to it for a long time. Studying under Sir Ramesh; a student of Pattabhi Jois the father of Ashtanga was a great honour. Sir. Ramesh is known as 'The King of Adjustments” for his mastery of adjustment and alignment in Yoga Asana. This training included Ashtanga Primary Series, Ashtanga Secondary Series, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, and Chakra


I continue to be my passions and walk my talk today. It is such a pleasure and privilege to have been trained under many worlds known teachers that are leaders in their field. Some I mentioned and some I didn’t get a chance too. I had the honor to study under a student of the famous IP Man, the teacher of Bruce Lee. I learnt from fighters who lived in Thailand for the sole purpose of practicing Thai boxing as a profession. Names like Gloria Latham, Misa Hopkins, and Mary Morissey; are people I have or had the privilege of working with. 

Yoga trained me to battle the darkness within and Martial arts trained me to battle the darkness without. The combination of the two made me a worrier for peace. The peace within attracts the peace without and from that place wisdom can be received. We learn to fight for one reason and that is to avoid fighting. Because when we fight, we fight until the end.

The Journey starts in that place inside of you and is complete with our actions and choice. Our true power and potential are within ourselves and for us to discover that realm is true living. I am here to empower you to be who you truly want to be in the depths of you heart desires. I am here to help you see who you truly are so you can bask in the blissfulness of creation. 

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