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Peace is granted for those who follow guidance. My name is 
Rana Aljuhani. I was born in Houston TX. Raised in Jeddah of the Red Sea in between the holy cities of blessed Mecca and enlightened Al-Madina the city of the prophet peace and blessings be upon him.  

After years of living in confusion, lack of awareness, and chronic stress I have been blessed to awaken. It is with honor and great pleasure I share with you the knowledge and wisdom that delivered me into a balanced, peaceful and joyful life.

My goal for you is to breakthrough and master working with your inner guiding compass to build new habits of success, become healthier, and create your own map! coming from the depths of your heart & soul desires.



Personal Profile


It is very important to me to maintain strong rooted connections to my origin and heritage. Authenticity can only be born out of a grounded sense of self and clarity. When we undoubtedly know who we are we have a profound presence and a truly unique life. This is your life story and I am here to support you write it your way!

I am a certified experienced teacher and practitioner of various ancient healing methodologies. I work with women who want to be distinguished in their life who struggle with subconscious feeling patterns, defeating mindsets, feelings of being stuck; which if chronic leads to illnesses and dis-ease. In order to heal, flourish and shine their vibrant soul essence into their life and the lives of their loved ones.



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USA Branch located in 

Austin, TX 78753

Tel: 210-446-9308

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